Drug & Alcohol Testing Meets High Tech.

Reliant Immediate Care has partnered with eScreen the leader in drug and alcohol testing.

eReader is the premier instrumented point-of-collection testing device for paperless, web-based collections.

The eScreen eReader is the only instrumented point-of-collection drug testing device on the market. Designed to activate the eCup, read the results of the test and transmit those results to the eScreen software suite, for test result reporting to the client.









Features of the eReader:

:: The eReader was recognized as winner of the 2001 Medical Design Excellence Award (MDEA) presented by Canon Communications LLC.

:: The eReader is programmed to identify the bar-code seal on the eCup to ensure it is valid and matches the bar-code entered in the eScreen123 software during the collection process.

:: The eReader plunges the eCup, transferring the required amount of urine onto the reagent test strips in the eCup lid.

:: Once the reagents react with the specimen, the eReader uses optical imaging to read and interpret the presence or absence of a line in the test quadrants, thus determining a negative or non-negative result.

:: This proven technology enables the eReader to consistently capture drug test results without the subjectivity of human interpretation.

:: Within 2-8 minutes the test is complete, and the eReader communicates the result to the eScreen system for electronic reporting to the client. The collector is then prompted by the system to discard the specimen or send it to the lab for confirmation.

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